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Read this intro of to make better sense of it.

Our aim is nothing short of a new India.

“Like everything metaphysical, the harmony between thought and reality is to be found in the grammar of the language.” — Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations.

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Turn any chat into a delegated todo with just…

To add to his audacity, he wants to remain without the need for money, until the edge of the struggle cliff, is reached. Such a man is challenging the status quo, being, the belief of people — that one needs money to lay the foundation for a career in 3x innovation. May my writings bring you closer to the sound of silence.

Dear readers,
The dev. of our product is a result of the language of our website and our vibe, not money. How?

The best moments for us at Preseed are generally those moments in which our human resource before joining in writes to us about why they love us or…

This essay sums up the spirit of the entire content of our website. Read above and below
carefully to get hold of this content deeper such that it impacts your own startup journeys.

Since I had decided that little to no money will be infused in the making of Preseed until its products are ready, it has remained bootstrapped to not even have ever set up a formal office space. Our offices are homes/offices/coworking spaces/cafes where our collaborators sit, think and do. …

An endless story of boundless union beyond the matter of words and touch, that could have been. It could be, if, either my words get translated into a political manifesto that understands, that AI algorithms on data — is the new land, or we all wake up to tell the current government that. If we don’t, the overseas processors of data will become the rulers of our government. However, a political manifesto I want to inspire will go beyond data to encompass religion and justice too. I am trying to keep it as simple as possible. This is just my first draft of sorts.

This title of PE chapter 0 will be better understood in PE Chapter 1.

Religion was a non-issue that was made into an issue in India recently in context to the life span of India so far. What a gross waste of public time. The people closest to Santana dharma are really actually the physicists and yogis, definitely not the ones fighting to pit…

“We may not fall in love anymore. For we want to only rise here on. Join me if you will” — People of India, 2024.

Here, I am narrating my poem written below.

The below essay is inspired by 10 years of understanding Sex, Love and Romance, with an objective desire to map it with the consequence of it in today’s society. The day we understand the difference between those three beautiful things. …

Solution: Mathematics Lab: An annual subscription for the school, with a dedicated representative in the premises that works with the teacher and students to create the learning culture proposed.

Hands-on toys mapped to the grade and chapter from the school textbooks (which also includes the content for learning and assessment), with each toy kit being concept-driven not grade-specific.

Workshops: For students, where immediate results are showed in learning. …

Everyone knows it, but still, no one wants to do something radical to change it. The current breed of solutions in tech are still nothing but a glorified tech version of the same class rooms.

If you want to learn maths, then it is not absolutely necessary that you have to memorize maths books for this, you just get involved with nature to learn anything and then you will be able to understand any subject basically with better and intuitive understanding.

But on the other…

Presents to you its first startup Math ED Labs, in 8 slides and no more with our study table as our numero uno product. We are predicting 80% of our revenues to come from this study table.

Presents to you its first startup Math ED Labs, in 8 slides and no more.

This is webpage content. It is on this web page that this publication will be linked when this webpage is ready. For now, consider this the home page.

The underlying result of conversations with me at a fundamental level of the idea will be, expansion in your perception. In 10 years I have thought of so many ideas that very few people can speak an idea and surprise me for its novelty. In short, a lot has been…

Nishchal Foolish Kesarwani

Here, I write my first flawed & fearless drafts of things that matter to me, mostly freedom. Let us start flaws with misspelling ‘Chief’, in my designation.

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