I WILL NARRATE THE NEW TO YOU.I want to give an unbiased perspective on matters that concern you and hence, India whether you know about them or not, whether they come from the right or the left, man or a woman, whether they offend some or appease others. My intention is neither to offend nor to appease. My intention is to propound the truth. My intention is to create an India that focuses on evidence before believing. Andh-bhakti cannot be the norm anymore. Is Covid in 2021 not enough of a sign of the rigidity and irrational believes that are driving the mind of this country? Let us talk about the collective mind that is India. What should that be like? Should it be a rational mind or an irrational mind’s arrogance justified as bhakti, dharma, or mazhab, and at times of no arrogance, “apni apni shraddha hai”, what a tool for mental lethargy religion is becoming. I can speak about the relevance of bhakti yoga and idol worship, and how they relate to the nirakar god, if one chooses that as their path. And one day they have to reach the nirakar. The temple was then to be tIt is not that there is a problem in religion. The difference in mugging and understanding. That is the problem here. In one of my publications, I am attempting to reveal a strange truth about justice to you which goes far beyond the title of the publication, False Rape Case Culture (FRCC), and, my video lectures around that publication. Be patient with it before jumping to any conclusions. It reveals to you some aspects of the kind of society we are becoming. I assure you that my Medium publications Preseed Essays (PE) and FRCC will expand your mind if you are patient with them, and if you give them the kind of time I may have given to conduct that inquiry. <Chapters from the publication Preseed Essays start with a suffix ‘PE’ like ‘PE Chapter (Chapter no. _)>. I have given many years of my life to that knowledge an iota of which my written or spoken words represent. Another iota is covered by the attachments I have placed in the flow of my writings or posts. I have selflessly given those many years for two reasons -: I am curious about the truth, for the sake of my own soul’s ease in life. A life of truth is a life spent in soul’s ease. And truth, is the hardest to find.I want to give you content, the complete narrative of which compels you to recognize how complexed past narratives have become that it is worth understanding life and religion in a contemporary sense without dwelling too much in the past. The conclusion you will get is, compassion and love are paramount. And for that, patience is a prerequisite. DON’T REACT prematurely. Never forget that we are now living in the age of Fake News.My words on the internet collectively, I feel may work as a great insight to my mind and may reflect well upon the kind of action I will take in favor of India if I ever have that level of clout, power and technology. Also, it seems to many that I am purposely offending people with the truth on my Youtube videos, that they don't want to hear or know about. I am unable to stop myself from doing so 16 hours a day with my words. In a profoundly sick society, revealing the truth may offend people indeed.



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Here, I write my first flawed & fearless drafts of things that matter to me, mostly freedom. Let us start flaws with misspelling ‘Chief’, in my designation.