I endeavor to expose India, as it is, fearlessly. I have the power and authority of Samadhi to do so. I don’t need any of you cowards in this endeavor. Although, if you are not a coward, I most certainly need you.

Just know that your mind has been hijacked by vibrating matter. Freedom will be found as a result. The only way to know this is to experience the same vibrations from a distance, where you are planted in the realm of ether.

This youtube playlist by me contains words I have for my family and friends in the times of Covid. You may or may not choose to open it. The below essay is for those who want to know who is the speaker in these videos.
Listen to this voice note introducing this essay.
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An endless story of boundless union beyond the matter of words and touch, that could have been. It could be, if, either my words get translated into a political manifesto that understands AI algorithms on data is the new land, or you wake up to tell the current government that. If you don’t the processors of data will become the rulers of our government. However, a political manifesto I want to inspire will go beyond data to encompass religion and justice too.

This title of PE chapter 0 will be better understood in PE Chapter 1.

“We may not fall in love anymore. For we want to only rise here on. Join me if you will” — People of India, 2024.

I have always found women to be more gentle being, so I want them to remind them of their gentleness by saying not a word of appeasement. I want to show them the consequence of them becoming like men. Men and women for this society. The first step is to bring them together for the new India I envision. When you will travel into subtleties of the kind I have traveled into you will recognize the connection between goodness in the world and the relation of a man and a woman.

Here, I am narrating my poem written below.

Stop mindlessly consuming news. Do your own research. It all starts from here, media, freedom of speech, and censorship. (TO BE EDITED — ONLY THOUGHTS HAVE BEEN COLLECTED HERE — BUT NOT ARRANGED)

“Freedom is at the beginning and not at the end. We think freedom is something to be achieved, that liberation is an ideal state of mind to be gradually attained through time, through various practices; but to me, this is a totally wrong approach. Freedom is not to be achieved; liberation is not a thing to be gained. Freedom is that state of mind which is essential for the discovery of any truth, any reality, therefore it cannot be an ideal; it must exist right from the beginning.” J. Krishnamurti

I still don’t know whether to believe him or…

Gender equality in the light of False rape cases. They are a problem for women/mothers kind too. My concern is that, if such false rape cases keep rising, the gravity of the pain of rape or any other crime will get lost in the sea of lies by some disgruntled women.

Watch this 3 mins trailer to get a summary of this chapter.

False rape accusation is a huge problem
False rape accusation is a huge problem
Does India have a problem with false rape claims? by BBC News. India also has a problem with police corruption. India also has a problem with an excruciatingly slow justice system for India’s public has turned a blind eye to the consequences, only one of which is, false rape claims. Please look into the #surgeinfakeerapecases on Twitter to know more.

Introduction to Indian ills that kill including rapes. Where ills are not just Indian, but global. We, humans, are one even in our remotest of ills. The problem with equality of outcome is that to achieve it, you have to deny equality of opportunity.

Her lie has the potential to screw any innocent, EVEN YOU. Yet I tell you dear innocent.

Welcome to India gentlemen:

Feminazis won’t get it. Feminists may get it. Ladies will. And humanist will get that I am talking in defense of men, doesn’t mean I am talking against women. And Capitalist will remember that Steve Jobs said, for Apple to win, Microsoft doesn’t have to lose.

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  • Register Intellectual Property Rights (IPR);
  • It has been observed that a registration certificate may carry a greater value than the actual evidence of user of the IPR before courts as well as enforcement agencies;
  • Remember Courts put greater reliance on registrations.
  • Remember for protection of your trade mark / copyright, registration is not necessary.
  • Keep your intellectual property portfolio ( Registrations) updated;
  • Make Intellectual Property protection a priority;
  • Implement clear and effective policies and strategies for IP…

Nishchal Foolish Kesarwani

Here, I write my first flawed & fearless drafts of things that matter to me, mostly freedom. At times, avoiding re-invention by citations instead of authoring.

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